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New Menu Food Holiday Cajun South Loop Lakeview

Mark your calendars, ‘National Lobster Day’ officially kicks off on Tuesday, September 25 and  Lowcountry is highlighting their classic lobster boil (complete with corn, potatoes and Andouille sausage) in order to celebrate the king crustacean accordingly.

As an added bonus, Lowcountry is also now introducing the Monster Lobster Party. Built for groups, Lowcountry’s Monster Lobster Party features one HUGE lobster with the meat used in four different delicious preparations.  The star is a Cajun-style lobster tail boil, but the feast also includes lobster mac n’ cheese, lobster rolls, and a giant lobster claw Thermidor.

The only thing you have to do is pre-order 72 hours in advance (it’s up to 20 pounds of lobster to prepare, after all) and come hungry.



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