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Broasted Chicken is the star at Kick’s Chicken Café. The restaurant treats its chicken with tender, love, and care to the very last second. First, the chicken soaks in the goodness of marinades and coatings overnight for optimal flavor. Then, instead of frying, the chefs broast the chicken in a pressure fryer to keep out the oil and lock in the juices. No dry, greasy chicken there.

Customers get to spice up their chicken any way they’d like. The eatery has salads, wraps, and sauces for all to enjoy. Chicken lovers can even create-your-own signature sandwich that lets them add their own special kick to every bite.

This National Fried Chicken Day, treat your taste buds and stomach to Kick’s Chicken Café. The Broasted Chicken is sure to kick the competition out of the coop.


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