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Tyris Bell, chef/owner of Bell Heir’s BBQ is offering a takeout choice for Father's Day celebrations.

Tyris uses his great-grandmother Luella's recipes. “Father’s Day was always an at-home celebration in my family and Luella loved cooking for us. I’m continuing the tradition, making some of her favorite dishes (and mine) available to our community,” said Bell.

Bell Heirs BBQ catering menu is designed for at-home family dining. Dishes are served in large trays or pans. 

The catering menu features two sections: main dishes and sides. The signature dish is smoked BBQ Rib Tips Dinner; a large order of smoked rib tips served wet. Another option is the Fried Catfish. Houston-style barbecue is an option  with the Smoked BBQ Turkey Legs.

If your group is smaller, the regular menu offers portions that serve 1-2 people. The Rib Tip Dinner, served with fries, Rib Tips & Chicken Combo, the Smoked BBQ Turkey Leg, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings with Fries, brined and battered chicken wings served with fries and barbecue sauce, available in two sizes: three or 6-piece.

The BBQ Brisket Cheeseburger with Fried Pickles and Fries features two 4oz Slagel Farms ground beef patties topped with BBQ Brisket, cheese, and fried pickles, and served with Fries. Other options are the BBQ Brisket Mac ‘n Cheese and the Smothered Fries with Mac ‘n Cheese, layered with BBQ Brisket and jalapenos, and the Catfish Dinner, two fillets served with Mac ‘n Cheese and Cole Slaw. Another dish is the Brisket or Pulled Pork Nachos, fried to order tortillas with BBQ Brisket or Pulled Pork, drizzled with cheese sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, and jalapenos.

Rib Tips 1600 Pixels
BBQ Rib Tips at Bell Heir's BBQ (all photos courtesy Bell Heir's BBQ)
Catfish Dinner
Fried Catfish
Smothered Turkey Leg 4
Smothered BBQ Turkey Leg


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