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Cat-Su Sando opened as a cloud kitchen in mid-September with a menu focused on Japanese sandos, grilled skewers called kushiyaki and okonomiyaki. The culinary team draws inspiration from Yōshoku, a Western-influenced style of Japanese comfort food derived from the turn of the century.  

Chefs Will Schlaeger (Next, Saison, Blackbird) and Shawn Clendening (Oriole, Saison, Blackbird) strive to only cook what they enjoy making. Following their approach to Cat-Su Sando, the team launched a brand new menu this week:

The only sando that remains is its namesake Cat-Su Sando (Fried Chicken Thigh, Cat-Su Sauce, Fermented Jalapeno, Cabbage, Pickles, Milk Bread) - the pork has been replaced by chicken thigh. This new menu features dishes for the colder weather, including the debut of two gyoza dishes and two broths:

Gyoza (5 pcs Per // Steamed or Pan Fried)

  • Shiitake (Grilled Shiitake & Leeks. Shiro Miso. Sweet Soy. Seasonal Ponzu)

  • Smoked Pork (Smoked Pork and Sour Cabbage with Shiso. Seasonal Ponzu)


  • Chicken Noodle Soup (Steamed Rice Sausage, Preserved Tomato & Onion, Celery Strings, Toasted Buckwheat Noodles, Roasted Pork Fat La-yu)

  • Satsumaimo (Sweet Potato Broth. Shiitake & Leek Gyoza. Salted Hakurei Turnips. Marinated Turnip Tops. Brown Butter)

Additionally, the menu now features more than a dozen kushiyaki (grilled skewers), including meatball, honeynut squash, bbq’d purple sweet potato and chicken oyster. 


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