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Craft Beer Logan Square

Come on down to Boiler Room while they team up with Collective Arts Brewing for the “Call for Art Party” Thursday, February 8th at 6 PM.

Each can of beer from Collective Arts Brewing features a unique piece of art created within the community by an independent artist, they’re looking for some of Chicago’s own artists to design the next sets of cans in an exciting contest for Series 10 of their collection. This competition to open to everyone, and participants will receive a hosted Collective Arts Brewing beer at Boiler Room.

The contest is limited to one entry per person, and all winners will be compensated for their work, if chosen. Not only will the competition winners have their art shown off, their name and artistic style will be introduced to the world! So grab your paint brushes and pull out your tablet- Collective Arts Brewing is collecting submissions online or in person at the “Call For Art Party”.

Mark your calendars, because Collective Arts Brewing is back at Boiler Room on Thursday, March 8th Boiler Room to reveal the of the winning entries of this contest, which will adorn the upcoming cans of their delicious brew. See all the submissions posted, with winning prints available for sale as posters.

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