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This Halloween, Argentine hot spot Artango Bistro turns back the clock -- not just an hour, but all the way back, to Buenos Aires 1950.

Artango invites guests to travel back to a time when Juan and Eva Peron dazzled and dominated Argentina, while Petrona Carrizo de Gandulfo nurtured the nation through food and cooking. During that time Doña Petrona, as she was affectionately known to millions, reigned as Argentina's preeminent cooking authority, becoming an enduring icon to the ordinary masses, thanks to her popular magazine columns, top-rated radio and television cooking shows, and series of cookbooks.

Second only to Eva Peron, cooking authority Doña Petrona became the most famous, celebrated woman in Argentina.

Prix Fixe comprised of recipes from Doña Petrona's cookbooks, still among the top selling books in Argentine history.

Fri Oct 30, and Sat Oct 31, Artango presents Buenos Aires 1950, a special retro-themed Halloween dinner. Guests are encouraged to wear vintage attire, or even consider dressing as the colorful Juan and Evita Peron. Both nights, Artango will feature a 3-course Prix Fixe menu, entirely comprised of recipes from Doña Petrona's cookbooks, which still remain among the best-selling books in Argentine history. "Beginning in the 1940s, Doña Petrona opened a whole new world to average, everyday Argentines, teaching them to cook using modern conveniences like gas stoves, electric mixers," says Maria Alferov, who together with husband, Buenos Aries-born artist Sebastian Casanova, own Artango Bistro. "Second only to Eva Peron, she became the most famous, celebrated woman in Argentina. Her recipes weren't fancy, or overly complex. It was the type of food you'd find being served in homes across Argentina. That's the feeling we're trying to recreate both nights; as if you're having dinner in a typical 1950 Argentine home, right down to using mismatched vintage plates and silverware."

Guests encouraged to wear vintage attire, or dress as the colorful Juan and Evita Peron

Lamb Osso Buco
Eentree options include Doña Petrona's ​Lamb Osso Buco -- Lamb shank, saffron-wild mushroom risotto, mint juice.

The $49 Buenos Aires 1950 menu begins with a selection of 6 appetizers, including Doña Petrona's Empanadas, filled with Taleggio cheese and grapes. A choice of 5 entrees include Churrasco -- butterflied beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, Malbec sauce, and Milanesa Napoletana -- breaded chicken filet, smoked provolone, mashed potatoes, olives, followed by dessert options like Argentinian Gelato, and Alfajores, a traditional Argentine confectionery treat filled with dulce de leche.

Artango's Buenos Aires 1950 dinner requires advance reservations. $49 per person (excludes beverage, tax and gratuity). Artango is BYOB.


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