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Brewpoint's new coffees, titled "Over the Moon," will officially launch on Monday, August 8th for National CBD Day and for a special collaboration with Chicago restaurant Wake ‘N Bacon. 


“Many people struggle with jitters in the morning from too much caffeine and avoid coffee in the afternoon or evening, also because of the caffeine,” says Brewpoint Coffee CEO & Founder Melissa Villanueva. “The ‘Over the Moon’ coffees are designed to tackle each of those issues without sacrificing the quality of your drink.”
To celebrate National CBD Day and the launch of the “Over the Moon'' CBD-infused coffees, Brewpoint is partnering up with Wake ‘N Bacon on Monday, August 8th from 10am – 1pm for a special event at 420 West Belmont Avenue. Coffee aficionados can stop by for a sample of the CBD Cold Brew.
Each business will be featuring the other’s signature latte the whole month of August. Brewpoint will be highlighting Wake ‘N Bacon’s Purple Haze Cold Brew with CBD (an ube latte) and Wake ‘N Bacon will be highlighting Brewpoint’s Borealis Cold Brew with CBD (a honey nut latte). 
“We’re very excited to collaborate with Wake N’ Bacon for the official launch,” Villanueva shares. “They were a natural partner for the release of our CBD-infused coffees and we’re looking forward to serving their signature ube latte at our locations in August.”
There are currently two coffees part of the “Over the Moon '' line – New Moon and Full Moon. The brews infuse coffee beans with USDA certified hemp farmed in Oregon and Colorado with less than .03% THC. New Moon features a medium roast CBD Single-Origin Ethiopian coffee with notes of caramel, green tea, jasmine, and lemon.

Full Moon is a medium roast decaf CBD Single-Origin Columbian made from 99.9% decaffeinated coffee beans roasted rich, smooth, and full-bodied to taste with notes of toasted almond and hazelnut. 

The “Over the Moon'' coffee line will be available to purchase at all Brewpoint locations beginning August 8th, 2022 in 4oz and 12oz bags, CBD Cold Brew, and the Wake ‘N Bacon CBD Purple Haze. 
Brewpoint Coffee has three locations in Elmhurst, IL and one in Oak Park, IL.


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