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BomboBar (1529 North Wells & 832 West Randolph), will be changing the game this fall and winter by revealing two, all-new hot chocolates and their visual presentations, replacing last year’s offerings. Starting Monday, Oct. 21, Chicagoans seeking a sweet, new way to warm up can get their hands on the Funfetti Hotter Chocolate ($11) and Chocoholic Hotter Chocolate ($11) created by Top Chef alum, Fabio Viviani

While each flavor consists of the same, original hot chocolate base and both come with a chocolate-coated waffle cone topped with whipped cream, the two flavors are aesthetically dichotomous. 

·      The Funfetti Hotter Chocolate is served in a cup with rainbow sprinkles coating the rim, boasting a combination of a white chocolate dipped Rice Krispy treat, a berry flavored Pop-Tart, a rainbow sour belt, and blue and pink drizzle. 

·      In contrast, the Chocoholic Hotter Chocolate comes in a cup, dressed in chocolate sprinkles, towering with a brownie and chocolate whoopie pie. To complement its chocolate flavor profile, the seasonal drink includes chocolate and caramel drizzle, salted caramel crispy sprinkles, and is topped with a cherry Haribo gummy. 

These hot chocolates can be transformed into Calmer Chocolates by requesting an addition of CBD. If guests want to opt out of an over-the-top dessert and sip on something more casual, the Classic Hotter Chocolate ($5) embraces simplicity, as it is a hot chocolate with only whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 


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