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On July 14th, Bar La Rue will host an all-day "shuck off" happy hour menu featuring fresh oysters and raw bar options. 

From July 26th to August 11th, Bar La Rue will be a viewing spot for the Paris Olympic Games featuring:

  1. All-Season Pergola: their streetside pergola equipped with infrared heating and cooling, ensuring a viewing experience regardless of the weather.

  2. Big Screen TVs: Strategically placed throughout the space, the big-screen TVs.

  3. French-American Fare: a French-inspired menu with dishes like the bougie nuggets, Royale with Cheese (Their burger - order it Provence style served in a hot dish of cheese fondue), and an array of oysters and raw bar selections.

  4. Cocktails and French Wines: The cocktail program features riffs on French classics, and the wine list is curated to pair with the games in Paris.


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