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Pizza River North

Truffle season is upon us and Bar Cargo is now offering a special white truffle pizza that is topped with 15 grams of truffles straight from Alba, Italy. The pizza will be offered through truffle season.

The White Truffle Pizza features their traditional 96 hour Roman-style crust, runny sunny-side-up eggs and topped with 15 grams of white truffle for $100. Guests must call (312) 929-0065 24 hours ahead to reserve it. Guests can also add truffle shavings for $75 to any other pizza on the menu.

"We wanted to create a white truffle pizza that was really approachable, while letting them shine. A thinner version of our 96 hour Roman style crust is the perfect backdrop and we kept it really simple so their taste wasn’t overshadowed. The sunny-side up eggs with their runny yolks are a nice compliment and work really well with the richness of the truffle shavings." - Anthony Stefani, Managing Partner, Bar Cargo


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