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Craft Cocktails Spanish West Town

It was during a staff cocktail training session that Bar Biscay's Bar Manager Archie Powell had a lightbulb moment. A good way to commit cocktail recipes to memory is to recognize the basic builds of the classics and then see how they’re repeated throughout other recipes in the cocktail lexicon. Once you know the basic builds, you can pretty much make anyone happy no matter what their preference.

What started out as a staff exercise, however, soon shifted to the idea of creating an evening for guests showcasing cocktails that are related to each other — either through their evolutionary lineage or how the same build can translate to different base spirits — and Thirsty Thursdays was born.

Each Thursday, Bar Biscay will feature three classic cocktails for $7 (educational banter free of charge). The lovely recipe postcards sitting on the bar aren’t just for creating the cocktails at home (although you really should). Bring one back the following week and redeem it for one Thirsty Thursday special cocktail on the house.

For the first schedule of club meetings, the Thirsty Thursday cocktails include:

  • March 7: Martinis (Martinez, Martini and Manhattan)
  • March 14: Negronis (Negroni, Boulevardier, Oaxacan)
  • March 21: Old Fashioneds (Bourbon, Gin, Mezcal)
  • March 28: Long Drinks (Tom Collins, Mojito, Paloma)
  • April 4: Smashes (Caipirinha, Bourbon Smash, Sherry Cobbler)
  • April 11: Sours (Gimlet, Daiquiri, Pisco)

Bar and pintxo happy hour starts at 3 PM, full kitchen at 5 PM.


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