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National Sandwich month kicks off on August 1st, and because your sandwich should never suck, we’ve got the TOP FIVE tips on layering, spreading, toasting and tasting, straight from one of Chicago’s top sammie kings—Chef Mario Manzini of The Ruin Daily, the city’s premier spot to enjoy a sando by 16” on Center (MONEYGUN, Revival Food Hall, The Promontory). Go beyond boring bologna and white bread and celebrate the sandwich in all its glory by sharing insider secrets such as the ONE unexpected ingredient you should not slack on, the top technique to building your sandwich from the bottom up and how to give your creation a little extra kick with some crunchy goodness.

Manzini's Steps to a Stellar Sandwich:

-Say "chow chow" to boring spreads: Instead of the usual mayo or mustard, experiment with some out-of-the-box spreads to add intrigue. One of my favorite sandwich toppings is chow chow-a pickled relish that's very versatile and friendly with many ingredients and goes great with cured meats and fish. 

-Get shredded!: Don't limit yourself to only sliced cheeses. A nicely shaved helping of cheese can also round out a sandwich very nicely. My personal favorites are aged gouda and sharp cheddar. 

-All that and a bag of chips: Add some texture and a taste of salty goodness by sneaking some chips between the bread. Jalapeño kettle chips are the best to pair with any sandwich, though salt and vinegar chips are best with fish sandos. The most important thing is that they've got to be all kettle, all the time. 

-Fat bottom sandos make the world go round: Coast-to-coast with mayo and mustard, that is first! Then lat the proteins as the base, and put all accoutrements on net. Start with dense textures like meats and cheeses on the bottom, then add lighter elements like veggies toward the top. Once you establish the surface area of the protein, you have a better idea of how much of each topping you'll want to add. Shredded lettuce should always be last, followed by whatever dressing or sauce you choose. 

-Check yo- spam: Spam is definitely one of the most underrated sandwich ingredients. A spammich with canned spam is phenomenal and so versatile. Spam has gotten such a bad reputation and people are so scared to try it, but it's salty and incredible. 


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