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This Friday, April 29th, Metropolitan Farms - the urban aquaponics farm that recently launched in West Humboldt Park (4250 W. Chicago Ave.) - hosts a BBQ open to the public! In partnership with Carnivore (Oak Park-based butcher), they’ll be serving up Tilapia raised onsite, fresh salads utilizing the farm’s proprietary lettuce blends, and much more. Locals are invited to check out the new urban farm and eat.

Tours of the greenhouse will be included in the ticket price so locals can view and learn about the unique aquaponics farming system, showcasing rows of greenery and Tilapia swimming in their tanks. With a mission to grow food in the city where it’s eaten, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet the new urban farmers and hang out.

Tickets are available by calling Carnivore at (708) 660-1100 and are $25. The BBQ begins at 5:00 pm.


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