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Craft Beer

Allagash Brewing Company is hosting beer lovers at Off Color Brewing for a celebration of farmhouse-style ales. The fifth annual Saison Day will take place at the Off Color Mousetrap on Saturday, April 14th.

"These guys are brewing some really fun, unique beers with a wide range of ingredients,” said Jason Perkins, Brewmaster at Allagash. “I’m looking forward to brewing some beer with them before Saison Day and then hanging with them for the event itself."

The event will feature a long list of rare and special saisons—including wild and barrel-aged beers from both breweries. Other breweries being poured at the event include Jester King, Whiner, and more. As an added bonus, Jason Perkins, Allagash’s brewmaster, will be coming out to join in the festivities and brew a special collaboration beer with Off Color while he’s in town. 

The origin of the saison style resides in the south of Belgium, just north of France. Historically, during the slow winter months, farmers would take any brewing ingredients on hand—wheat, spelt, rye—and brew beers to be saved for summer. Thanks to this lack of a clear ingredient list or even flavor profile, the saison style has yielded diverse and innovative beers. That it pushes the use of local ingredients has only become more poignant with time.

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