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Special Events Lincoln Park

Who’s up for the challenge Chicago?  The Inaugural Culinary Fight Fest is happening at Joe’s On Weed on Sunday August 21, 2016! Twenty Past Culinary Fight Club Chicago Competitors and Winners are invited to share their signature bite on 8/21. It's up to you, Chicago, to choose who will be the Top 4 Best Bites! Those four will continue in the Ultimate Battle to win the Coveted Culinary Fight Fest Chicago Champion Cup.

Here's how it works. Attendees receive 4 chips to vote for their Best Bites. The Top 4 Best Bites will throw down in a CFC Choice 30-minute Ultimate Battle to create the best Gourmet Dish.  No one knows what awaits them at the final battle table.  

The 2016 Culinary Fight Fest winner gets a $1,000, a Golden Ticket to the World Food Championships and the Title for the Illinois CFC Ultimate Champ for 12 months!

The winner will get CFC Chicago endorsement for multiple opportunities in the 12 months. The tournament edition to the CFC series is finally here and we’re ready to taste the Chicago Culinary Fight Club Best of the Best. 

MORE INFO & TICKETS HERE:  All ages are welcome.



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