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Peppermint, eggnog, gingersnap, cranberries…we all have specific flavors that come to mind when the holiday season is approaching—and those flavors are made even better with the addition of chocolate! Katherine Duncan, founder and confectionista of Katherine Anne Confections, a locally-focused chocolatier, is excited to host a Preview Party featuring all of the upcoming holiday flavors for the month of December—truffles, caramels and marshmallows that evoke the tastes of the holidays. The confectionistas have been busy creating some delicious traditional treats like the Cranberry Blood-Orange truffle and the Brown Buttered Rum truffle, as well as some new flavors like the Pear Cranberry Walnut truffle and the Bourbon Chai caramel!

The Preview Party is a chance for attendees to preview and indulge in 23 new limited edition, un-launched truffles, caramels and marshmallows to be released in December, just in time for the holiday season! The treats will be available at the confiserie.

New Feature! Can’t attend the preview party? No worries—order the delicious new creations online as a preview party to-go box! Order a box for one for $30, a box for two for $55 and a group gift box for $100. Order here.


Attendees will enjoy an evening of food, fun and new friends at this fun-filled, chocolate event on Wednesday, November 18 from 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. (open house style, plan for an hour).



Pear Cranberry Walnut: bittersweet chocolate, market pears, honey-simmered cranberries, candied walnuts

Port Quince Mascarpone: milk and semisweet chocolates, membrillo, port, mascarpone

Plum Bay Honey: bittersweet chocolate, dried plums (prunes), bay, honey

Chestnut + Calvados: milk chocolate, roasted chestnuts, calvados

Pistachio Apricot Chevre: white chocolate, market apricots, roasted pistachios, fresh chevre

Cranberry Blood-Orange: semisweet and bittersweet chocolates, Wisconsin cranberries, blood orange

Brown Buttered Rum: milk chocolate, brown butter, dark rum, hint of orange

Coffee Candied Sweet Potato: milk chocolate, Ipsento coffee-candied sweet potatoes, brown sugar

Eggnog: white chocolate, date-based eggnog, nutmeg, rum

Fruitcake: milk and semisweet chocolates, all of the fruits

Gingersnap: milk and bittersweet chocolates, gingersnaps, ginger, molasses

Glogg (v): vegan glogg with bittersweet chocolate

Pumpkin: vegan pumpkin with dried apricots soaked in rum and maple


Earl Grey + Pear + Brandy: earl grey caramel with pear cider and brandy

Mulled Wine + Ginger: red wine caramel with dried ginger and cloves

Fig + Blood Orange + Anise: fig caramel with star anise and blood orange

Gingersnap: ginger caramel with gingersnaps

Chai Coconut: chai-infused caramel with shaved coconut

Chocolate Candy Cane: fudgy chocolate caramel with crushed organic candy canes

Bourbon Chai: FEW bourbon caramel with chai-infused cream

Triple Ginger Fleur de Sel: caramel made with fresh, candied and ground ginger dipped in bittersweet chocolate with gingered sea salt


Mint Chip: peppermint marshmallow with tiny chocolate chips

Cranberry Orange: tart cranberry ‘mallow with a hint of orange zest


$30, includes an evening of libations, savory bites, and sampling of un-launched truffles, caramels and marshmallows! Space is limited and truffles are made to order, so guests are encouraged to reserve spots today! Limited quantities of confections will be available for purchase that evening and attendees will be able to pre-order treats for future weeks.


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